I got my nails done with my sister today at a place we used to go to ALL THE TIME. Well, for the first time we both weren’t happy with the results when they were finished with us.

My sister’s nails were too damn long & not cute. Mine were barely painted & it was just ridiculous looking.
I know we could have complained & make them work on us until they did it right but…we’re not those loud type of complainers :X

So, when we got home we decided to re-do them ourselves. Since I was in the process of taking off the purple glitter, I thought I’d share with you how to do it. For those of you who are like me & LOVE to use glitter nail polish but hate using it because of how hard it is to take it off, here’s the easy way to do it. 

You just need:

Cotton balls 

What you need to do is soak up a cotton ball in acetone & place it on a finger nail, cover it in foil & do the same to the rest of your finger nails.
Wait about 5 minutes for the nails to soak into the acetone & then rub against the foil with the cotton that is beneath it & pull it off.
There will be some nail polish left over but you will find it easier to take off than before. So, just use a new cotton ball & soak it in acetone & take the rest of it off on your own.
It’s a little time consuming but it’s way better to do it this way than to stress over taking off nail polish you don’t feel like wearing anymore.

Hope this helped :D